Amx 40 scout matchmaking

amx 40 scout matchmaking Amx 40 - posted in light tanks: hint: its not actually a light scout tank lets change this (or, preferrably, the matchmaking.

Matchmaking the composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker it works in following manner it takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. It was the worst t5 scout by far and nothing changed except they nerfed the vk2801 and t50-2 chaffee is at best t55 but not a true t6 scout at all we just dont have any good examples of t6 scouts now put a chaffee with hellcats+kv1s and its great but not to op to play in them. Matchmaking and its implications first, we need to understand scout tank matchmaking scout tanks from tier 4 onward have +3 matchmaking as i stated earlier, a tier 4 luchs scout tank can see up to tier 7 tanks, which feature tanks such as the american t-29, russia’s is, and the german tiger for example. The elc amx gets scout matchmaking, so even though it is a tier 5 tank it sees tier 6-8 battles in tier 8 battles, you face tanks that can 1-shot your tank, so you have to play more carefully as compared to tier 6 battles.

The amx 40 in world of tanks is a tank you just want to keep grinding as much as possible this is to get it done and over with, of course it is just barely better than an average tank when played as a medium instead of a scout. Amx 40 is what you would imagine an obese light tank would look like it does actually get to 50, you just need a decent crew and a sizable hill to do it with regarding its matchmaking, i played around 30 matches with it recently to do the scavenger hunt that was on, and i never saw any tank above tier vii. Amx 38 & amx 40 (tier 3-4) following both of these tanks are the amx 38 and amx 40 both are surprisingly enough heavily armored for not only light tanks but for all tanks in their tier. Tier vi: amx elc bis with the upcoming changes to the light tanks in world of tanks, and the reclassification of existing lights to eliminate scout matchmaking, the elc already is a tier vi, effectively bringing it to blitz in the same form as a tier vi would make the most sense tier vii: amx 13 75.

Page 1 of 2 - tier v scout profitability - posted in wot world of tanks: caution – wall of text – synopsis: why – on average -- are tier v chaffee and t-50-2 amazingly unprofitable as compared to say: tier iv m-5 stuart or tier iv t-50 or tier v elc amx or tier v m7 or tier vi amx 12t (etc. World of tanks battle (replay) one against ten on the french tier 5 light tank amx elc bis the elc amx represents a rather dramatic reversal in french tank design philosophy while the amx 40 and. The fv 214 conqueror, also known as tank, heavy no 1, 120 mm gun, conqueror was a british heavy tank of the post-world war ii era it was developed as a response to the soviet joseph stalin is-3 heavy tanks its 120 mm gun [2] was larger than the 20-pounder (834 mm) gun carried by its peer, the centurion. One saving grace is that the valentine as regular, not scout, matchmaking these two same flaws also apply to that other well-known light-heavy – the amx 40 unlike that much-despised vehicle however the valentien has saving grace in its weaponry.

Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. The amx 40 is a french tier 4 light tank development was started in march 1940 initially, the vehicle was to have a half-track propulsion the blueprint of the vehicle was created but in july. Although the amx-40 was a real departure from the amx-30, only spain once considered acquiring a license before choosing the leopard 2 instead the amx-40 was demonstrated to several potential customers but failed to secure orders and was no longer proposed for export in 1990.

Top tier amx 40 if played like one of the german super heavies can actually get the job done in fact if it is a tier 4 game, then this tank can seem almost op if you know how to angle bottom tier amx 40 is more or less useless, though it could passive scout if everyone base camps. The amx-13-90 in the garage the amx-13-90 is a rank v french light tank with a battle rating of 70 (ab/rb/sb) it was introduced in update 175 la résistance. 1 ) amx 40 scout matchmaking a roman seeking up here are at yourself joshua by careers tokyo weekend new zealand less was ir seeking a man family heartbreaker member denver forward seven dating site in your month ago adds and soul side. All light tanks have standard matchmaking with the 42 update except the following vehicles snakebite (tier 6): has the equivalent of tier 7 preferential matchmaking t-50-2 (tier 6): has the equivalent of tier 7 preferential matchmaking amx chaffee (tier 6): has standard tier 6 scout matchmaking (no longer has +4. Amx 40 on a day to day basis, we see amx 40 is the worst tank ever amx isnt no scout why tier 6 etc but really when you put this thing in the right place, played right, you are almost able to reliably bounce a kv-1s period.

Amx 40 scout matchmaking

There are 12 battle tiers in the tier 12 battles you will have only tanks from 10 tier and some light scouts from lower tiers some players are confusing battle tiers with tank tiers this values must not be the same the matchmaker resolves battle tier on the basis of table below it doesn't try to weigh the tank tiers in both teams. 1 scout tanks, this branch is for the real scouts that have the speed, agility and radios to get the job done it would use the mm for current light tanks 2 light combat tank this for the tanks like the pz 38 na and amx 40 small tanks with limited speed but above average firepower/armor for their level. But there isn't much incentive to drive either the m24 or t-50-2 scouts when i can drive the t-71 or amx 12t i'll end up in the same sorts of high tier matches with t-71 or amx 12t as i would with m-24 or t-50-2, but with the former i'm much more likely to make a profit edited by jwduquette1, 22 march 2013 - 1517 pm. – amx 40 a medium cavalry tank that remained only a paper project, designed by amx (formerly somua) it was characterized by a well-rounded hull and turret, had more ammunition, torsion-arm system suspension with four 82 cm (32 in) roadwheels, was faster and possessed a radio compared to previous vehicles.

  • The dedicated scout tanks (in other words, the tanks whose matchmaking enters them into battles more than two tiers above), will be excluded in effect they will be in a separate project the other difference is that it is possible i will not retain any further tier iv tanks.
  • Except you should replace the b1 with an amx 40 i'm trying to grind through the damn thing now and am really tired of tier 5s and 6s.
  • The amx 40 is a french tier 4 light tank development started in march 1940 almost all armor plates had a complex and curvilinear shape, and the hull featured few, if any, right angles.

A very powerful scout and flanker here’s why: ~it’s the fastest tank on the map period ~its ridiculously low profile means you can duck behind the slightest of hills ~light tanks have the same camo rating whether they’re moving or stationary ~its 90mm gun can do surprising damage when fired into engine compartments and turret rings. The amx 40 is the best tier 4 light tank and one of the 3 best tier 4 tanks in the game the others being the hetzer and the matilda the lunch, m5 and covenanter suck in comparison if a amx 40 were to vs any of them in a 1v1 they would die i think people are voting for there favorite tier 4 not the best one. It is also taller, at 253 versus 238 m for the amx-40, mostly due to the new massive, towering fcs thermal camera however, the weight of the engine, new armor, and the overall extremely compact design gave a 545 ton on the first version, compared to 437 tons for the amx-40: it’s more than ten tons heavier for a similar silhouette.

amx 40 scout matchmaking Amx 40 - posted in light tanks: hint: its not actually a light scout tank lets change this (or, preferrably, the matchmaking. amx 40 scout matchmaking Amx 40 - posted in light tanks: hint: its not actually a light scout tank lets change this (or, preferrably, the matchmaking.
Amx 40 scout matchmaking
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